The Kynd Store


A creative online store featuring unique artwork delivered straight to your door!

The concept of The Kynd Store is to provide a place where you can find something you love and would be proud to hang in your home knowing you are shopping ethically and sustainably. 

Printed, packaged and delivered by local print shops, The Kynd Store's owner, Steph, wanted to create fun & colourful prints that could put a smile on anyone face... unless you're Voldemort. Nobody making him smile. 



The Kynd Store was founded during lockdown in 2020 after Steph taught herself the art of illustration! Not only does she create the most beautiful custom portraits on a bespoke arrangement, but she also designs gorgeous wall art - we HAD to steal some pieces to hang (virtually) here! 

Naming the store by means of "Kynd" she wanted the products she sold to reflect kindness to not only each other but to our planet.
I know myself, when I shop I like to think I am investing in a unique, local and independent business where products will not be harmful to the environment!
The Kynd Store wants to give you something to admire, to stimulate engagement with your creative side while assuring that all packaging are sturdy yet recyclable and prints are designed on uncoated paper.